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DIY Wine Tasting at-home kit - Wine set

DIY Wine Tasting at-home kit - Wine set

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Vinesine's DIY wine tasting set contains 5 exquisite wines, allowing connoisseurs to elevate their taste buds from the comfort of their own home or any location.

Gain knowledge of grape varieties, terroir, production techniques, flavor profiles, aromas, and other factors, all underpinned by available information on the winemaking process.

 Box will include: 

  • 5 x 100ml miniature bottles. This quantity of wine enables a generous amount in your glass, while maintaining the discernment of your taste buds.
  • Instructions on how to evaluate your wine properly
  • Detailed fact sheets for each of the wines included in the tasting experience
  • Tasting notes sheets will enable you to record new aromas and flavors like an expert.
  • We will recommend shopping list for cheeses to pair with each wine
  • Our packaging structure is designed to make it easy to locate all necessary dietary information, including any allergies and calorie counts.

Who should order this kit?

This kit is ideal for any wine enthusiast, from those looking for a unique experience to novices unsure of where to start, or WSET students desiring to enhance their knowledge. Whether you're treating yourself, family, or friends, this kit is perfect.

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